Journal of Histopathology and Cytopathology

Article Selection Process

Article must be submitted at least 3 months before next issue of publication, such as January or July. The articles are first assessed by executive editor, who checks whether their content and style match the journal’s editorial guide line (research field, quality of the writing and academic reliability) and whether they respect the journal’s basic standards (original contribution, number of signs, language used). Editorial board co-operate in this process. If these requirements are met, executive editor forwards article without name of authors for peer review. The secretary then sends the anonymized submission to the experts, with a list of assessment criteriaand scrupulously oversees the peer review process through its every stage. The reviewers are asked to give one of the following recommendations:

Two unfavourable decisions lead to the article being rejected. If the submission receives one unfavourable and one favourable review, it is then assigned to a third expert.

If the article receives one unfavourable review and a recommendation to substantially revise the content, then the author is asked to modify his paper before publication can be considered; the article has to go through the same peer review process once it has been revised.

If a reviewer asks for substantial revision of the article, then it has to be rewritten in order to comply with the reviewer’s recommendations, and is then assessed by the editor. If the reviews are favourable, the article is published as soon as possible, with slight revision if need be.

The coordinator will have the articles reviewed and ensure they respect the journal’s editorial norms before handing the complete manuscript over to the editor. The editor may assign the papers to other reviewers if she feels additional advice is required.

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