Oral Lesions

BAP Slide Quiz with Professor M Kamal

Topic: ORAL Mucosal Lesions
Date: 10 June 2022 Time: 7:30 PM

Case No. 01: Clinical information: Male 47 years. White patches in buccal mucosa for 4 years not improving on conservative treatment.

Dx.  Leukoplakia with dysplasia


















Case No. 02: Clinical information: Female 36 years. White path on both lateral borders of tongue for 3 years. Burning sensation during eating.

Dx. Lichen planus





























Case No. 03. Clinical information: Male 50 years. Small biopsy from a white patch in left buccal mucosa. The habit of betal nut leaf for long.

Dx. Oral submucosal fibrosis































Case No. 04 Clinical information: Male 30 Years. Diffuse whitish, diffuse, painless, spongy plaques on buccal mucosa.

Dx. White spongy nevus











































Case No. 05 Clinical information: Female 45 years. Progressing blackish patches in oral mucosa, gum and tongue.

Dx. Oral mucosal melanosis (Addison’s disease )